Rituals of the old

Rituals of the old is a game being developed by Star and Serpent indie game studio.

What is the game all about?

Rituals of the old is an ambitious voxel game.

Can you tell me anything else?

The development of Rituals of the old has virtually stopped - as announced in 02/05/2021 on our Discord channel. The voxel technology is still being worked on by a single person, but I really wouldn't hold my breath. We started working on this in 2016 and we learned a lot, but it's just such an eternity project. I'm hesitant to call the project dead, as I put 5 years of my life into it almost every day. But it's definitely on an indefinitely prolonged lunch break.

As you may have noticed, I took the old web pages down. They were just redundant in so many ways.

Follow development

If you want to follow the development, day to day, you can join our Discord chat. We are most active there.

Random development picture

Just to keep you happy since you bothered to come all the way here.

This screenshot was taken on 20th of December in 2021, and might not represent the current state of development.

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