Rituals of the old is an upcoming PC title from an independent Finnish game studio Star and Serpent for Linux, Mac and Windows. Rituals of the old is a multiplayer sandbox RPG voxel game of crafting, building, survival, and adventure in an open random generated world.

The game WE want to play

The Rituals of the old is designed to be The PC game we've always wanted to play. We are not reinventing the wheel most of the time but we sure as hell are hammering it to fit our vision.

Made with passion

As a small indie studio we have poured our hearts into the development of Rituals of the old. We are easy to approach and easy to talk to. We are just normal people - no corporate bullshit. We listen.

Modify it!

One of the top priorities in our development is to make the server easy to mod. Proper API right from the start and easy configurability. Don't like that feature the way we intended? Then turn it off or modify it!

The world of Rituals of the old

Rituals of the old takes place in the distant past of mankind. In the last 100 000 years the humanity has spread throughout the galaxy, progressing and regressing in an endless cycle of war and disaster. Countless of civilizations have risen and fallen to dust, forgotten forever.

It is yet again the end of the era of enlightenment.

Our story begins on a small and unadvanced planet untouched by war. Generations have passed since the fall of the great galactic imperium in a war of attrition against infighting factions and the technologically superior technoharmadan - both civilizations now extinquished by atomic sparks.

The fall of the great galactic imperium has freed the simple people of Koto from a life serfdom and servitude. Hushed whispers of social change are spreading slowly. The worship of the old gods once banned by the cult of the immortal sun emperor is being resurrected in secret. Brigands and dark creatures have been seen in the countryside. There have even been rumors about the resurrection of... the rituals of the old.

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Rituals of the old is basically a blocky game about blocky people in a blocky world building and breaking blocky stuff and having blocks of fun. In other words - Rituals of the old is a sandbox voxel game.

The mood of the game is that of a melancholy beauty - darkness and light with a lot of shades of gray. We always aim for simplified realism and nihilism where we can without turning the game into a horrid faceless existentialist grinder.

Rituals of the old is a game of stories and adventure. It's a platform on which great and small things can happen.

Rituals of the old is a multiplayer game. You can also play it in a single player mode but the Rituals of the old is most fun played with other people. You can join dedicated multiplayer servers run by other people or you can even make your own dedicated server and customize it to your heart's content by using the configs and - if you know Csharp - our modding API.

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Help us with the development?

Did you become interested? Join us on the forums and help us with the game's development by sharing your ideas and giving us feedback.


Development roadmap

The time schedule is only a rough estimate based on nothing at all and everything will get pushed back as required!

Rituals of the old has been in development for 1487 days today.

2016, June - DONE

Stage 1: Preliminary planning stage. We will plan technical details and decide which techonologies to use. We will also do some preliminary sketches and bounce around ideas among ourselves. We will set the stage and mood for the game and start implementing the essentials.

2016, August - DONE

Stage 2: Closed early development. At this stage we are building the basic skeleton for the game client and multiplayer server. Lots of hard work with not much to show.

2017, January - In progress

Stage 3: Closed technical testing. We will take on a few early testers. At this stage there won't be much gameplay elements to fool around with. The builds will be mostly broken technical test builds with tons of features missing.

2020, November

Stage 4: Closed alpha testing phase. We will be implementing gameplay elements and missing features. Lots of things will be broken and missing but the basic technical structure should be stable at this point.

2021, March

Stage 5: Early access and feature freeze until we are ready for the v1.0 release. We will focus mostly on ironing out all the bugs and making optimizations. We will start selling the game as a stripped down early access version. Tons of features will be missing. You should buy the game at this stage only if you are interested in participating in the game's development through beta testing and giving us active feedback.

2022, January

Stage 6: v1.0 release. The game should be stable and all of the most important basic features should be ready. The game will be rudimentary at v1.0 but playable (and hopefully fun). The v1.0 release does NOT mean that the game is complete and done. It means that the first stable release of the core game is ready and done and that we are ready to start implementing all the other planned features.

Stage 7: Future versions. After the release of the v1.0 we will go back to our development cycle. We will add new features, do a bug fixing run, release a new version, rinse and repeat.


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