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What is your internet connection speed that you use for gaming (pick closest one)?
Less than 1 Mbps
1 Mbps
2 Mbps
4 Mbps
8 Mbps
10 Mbps
20 Mbps
40 Mbps
More than 40 Mbps
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Should the animals have animated eyes?
No, doesn't matter.
I don't know.
Yes they should.

Would you be interested in paying a recurring voluntary monthly fee of your own choosing (between 1-100$) and becoming a Rituals of the old supporter?
Yes, for a honorable mention and a title.
No, never.
Only if I would gain something more substantial than a mention and a title.
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To support the continued development of Rituals of the old would you be interested in paying for useless cosmetic features which give players no advantage over other players? Such features might include P2L (pay-to-lose, disadvantages), wooden leg, hook hand, incurable addiction, extra skins, etc.
Only if they were cool enough. I wouldn't pay only to support the game.
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What's your favorite kind of terrain?
Blocky terrain, no smoothing.
Smoothed small blocks.
No blocks, only very smooth landscapes.
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Which aspect of Rituals of the old interest you the most? Ie. I want you to put more focus on this.
Animal husbandry
Pets and raising them
Slaying terrible and mighty creatures (PvE)
Crushing your enemies. Seeing them driven before you. Hearing the lamentations of their women (PvP)
Adventure and discovery
Mastering magic and religons
Learning to know all the stories and lore
Playing with friends and making new ones (social features)
Survival against elements and nature
Designing and building electronic circuit boards, devices and gadgets (logic)
Mastering skills and crafts
Features supporting roleplaying (pretending to be someone else than yourself in the game world)
interrogation, capture and torture
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